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Clever Dripper Brewing Guide

  • Fold and rinse your filter in the Clever dripper with hot water. This serves two purposes, it preheats the brewer and gets rid of the paper flavor from the filter. Make sure to discard that water.
  • Grind 24 grams or 3 1/2 Tablespoons of coffee to the consistency of kosher salt.
  • Add the coffee to your brewer.
  • Heat your water to around 205°F or just off the boil.
  • Start by adding water to the ground coffee. You want to use just enough water to cover the top of the grounds.
  • Let your coffee bloom for 15 seconds and stir it five times.
  • After your coffee has bloomed you want to add more water. Pour the water in the dripper.
  • If you're using a scale, you should aim to add 400g of water or almost to the top.
  • Let your brew sit for two minutes before placing on top of the cup.
  • After two minutes place your dripper over your cup and let it drain.  This should take about two minutes. 
  • Enjoy your coffee :D